Roles & Groups

UPM-X access rights are based on ServiceNow’s ACLs. Any ServiceNow admin can manage these Roles & Groups.

Add users to the pre-defined UPM-X Groups to grant access to different functionalities.

x_inpgh_upmx.adminThe UPM-X Admin is allowed to define the default configuration for lifecycles, KPIs, etc.
x_inpgh_upmx.dq_adminThe UPM-X Data Quality Admin is allowed to do verification fields for all elements
x_inpgh_upmx.editorThe UPM-X Editor is allowed to create, edit and delete elements within the UPM-X Scope.
x_inpgh_upmx.lfc_editorThe UPM-X Lifecycle Editor has the right to edit lifecycle data.
x_inpgh_upmx.readerThe UPM-X Reader is allowed to read elements within the UPM-X Scope.
x_inpgh_upmx.relationship_editorThe UPM-X Relationship Editor is allowed to start the integrated Relationship Editor. This editor allows the user to create and modify relationships.
x_inpgh_upmx.relationship_readerUPM-X Relationship Editor — Read role to use the application as Read-Only mode. Assign this role to the groups using UPM-X.
x_inpgh_upmx.report_readerThe UPM-X Report Reader is allowed to read reports.