About UPMX

Overview of UPMX and its core functions

UPMX is 100% natively running in ServiceNow. It requires no integration and ongoing customization to use the application. It requires the minimum ServiceNow platform installation and extends the CMDB CI table with the Portfolio Element superclass table.

The benefit of this innovative modeling approach is that all fields and portfolio features are inherited from the superior table.

The ServiceNow admin can adapt and configure the architecture like any other ServiceNow application.


In general, UPMX is compatible with the latest versions of most common browsers. However, compatibility can be effected your ServiceNow, i.e., UPMX currently runs in UI14, which is compatible with:

  • Chrome 103+
  • Firefox 102+
  • Safari 15+
  • Edge 100+


Not supported browsers

  • Edge Legacy (end of support 9th March 2021)
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (end of support 17th August 2021)