A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator used to measure the performance of a Portfolio Element.

Defining KPIs

Open the UPMX Settings -> KPIs table from the Application Menu.

A – To define a new KPI, press the New button.

B – Shows the KPIs defined.

KPI Definition Form

Creating new definitions of KPIs is pretty easy.



Please keep in mind, that the KPI Breakdowns need to be entered as a number to be able to produce reports and compare them against each other. The description should include an overview about the allowed numbers and the meaning of the values e. g. 10 = high, 1 = low.

A – Enter a short name for the KPI.

B – Enter a short description of the KPI.

KPI Section – Defining KPI Breakdowns

KPI Breakdowns are the instances of KPIs with the real values. The KPI section allows users to define KPI Breakdowns and visualize the data.

A – KPI Overview Report showing the average values per KPI.

B – KPI Breakdowns

C – Use the Insert a new row… by double clicking into the fields to select and enter the necessary information for a specific KPI Breakdown.

  • Name – Select a sounding name to distinguish it from other KPI Breakdowns. KPI Breakdowns for Planned and Actuals should have the same name.
  • KPI – Select a defined KPI
  • KPI Reference – specifies the nature of the KPI Breakdown.
    • Actual – The actual value of the KPI Breakdown, typically measured as-of-today.
    • Baseline – The starting value, or industry specific reference value e. g. APQC process KPI.
    • Planned – The target value to be achieved within a specific timeframe.