Version 4.7

This update introduces new portfolio and AI model management tables, renames UPM-X to UPMX, and makes various improvements to cross-scope privileges and branding, along with bug fixes for Relationship Editor and visualizations.

Version 4.6

The latest update enhances BIZBOK® compatibility with new tables, relationship types, and suggested connections, alongside improvements to data quality, relationship management, and various bug fixes.

Version 4.5

This release introduces Metamodel Governance for streamlined change requests, updates the Relationship Editor, and adds new tools like Capability Mapping and License Management Dashboard, alongside several key improvements and bug fixes.

Version 4.4

This release introduces new features like Editable Hierarchy Map, Treemap, and Relationship Picker improvements while addressing various bug fixes and removing legacy tables and reports to streamline functionality.


Version 4.3.1

Data Quality calculations are now automated for updated fields, and access rights have been modified to enhance security on the APM Dashboard.

Version 4.3

This release introduces new visualization types like Sankey and Chord, expands field and relationship options, and brings significant improvements to Data Quality calculations, along with various bug fixes and security enhancements.

Version 4.2

This update introduces a range of new functionalities on the CMDB_CI level, including dashboards, reports, and real-time indicators, along with improved rollup options, cost and KPI management, and significant updates to the Relationship Picker, along with bug fixes and nomenclature adjustments.

Version 4.1

This release adds new relationship management functionality, introduces several new tables for key performance and risk indicators, and offers a range of updates to the Relationship Picker and other areas, while addressing various bug fixes and access control issues.

Version 4.0

This update introduces new features like Clickable Hierarchy in Form view, a Data Quality table, and a Data Governance Portal, alongside several new tables for business and data management, as well as renaming adjustments to resolve conflicts and updated lifecycle phases.

Version 3.x

This update introduces new functionality, including a UPM-X Portal with a tree navigator for end-users, an Organizational Unit table, and enhanced reporting features, alongside updates like improved performance and logo design, while addressing various bug fixes.