Lifecycle Definitions

Defining and Changing Lifecycle Phases

The adaption of the existing lifecycle phases and creating new ones is quite easy but requires UPMX Admin privileges to be executed.


UPM·X Lifecycle Stages and Phases

Open the UPMX Settings -> Lifecycles table from the Application Menu.

A – Specify the lifecycle type e.g., Internal Lifecycle or Manufacturer Lifecycle

B – Select the lifecycle stage to which the lifecycle phase will belong.

C – Describe the name of the lifecycle phase.

D – Provide a short description of the lifecycle phase.

E – You can activate/deactivate a lifecycle phase to remove it from the lifecycle editor and lifecycle roadmap.

F – The order of the lifecycle phase will ensure that start dates can only be set in the increasing order of the lifecycle phases.

G – The color hex-code will be used for the visualizations.

H – Define the target table to which this lifecycle belongs to. In case you want to define a new lifecycle phase for Business Applications, you need to select the table.