Business Value Accelerator™

Most companies are challenged in delivering value with Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) for a variety of reasons:

  • Invisibility of management goals & objectives
  • Lack of proper stakeholder analysis and expectation management
  • Missing operational processes, accountability and responsibilities
  • Maintaining irrelevant data with no business value contribution
  • No sense for data quality and scope
  • Lack of providing sense-full insight and information for decision making

The Business Value Accelerator (BVA) describes ins-pi’s overall centric approach to manage enterprise portfolios. It is based on decades of experience and best-practices to have sustainable, consistent and agile practice in place to provide business value with Unified Portfolio Management by delivering:

  • an industry proven, structured, end-to-end operational process
  • visibility of stakeholder priorities & objectives
  • alignment of objectives with data requirements
  • clear data definitions of crucial and mandatory data
  • iterative and agile data collection approach
  • real-time data quality reporting
  • clear roles and responsibilities
  • full control about achievements tracking
Business Value Accelerator

Business Value Accelerator