UPM·X Portal

The UPM·X Portal provides a unified access point to UPM·X portfolios for stakeholders. It has two basic building blocks

  • Dashboards
  • Hierarchical or grouped portfolio information

Those two can be arranged in menu entries (‘groupings’) in the portal and made available to specific roles. Go to UPM·X Portal -> UPM·X Portal to open the portal in a new browser tab/window.

Dashboard View

A – Click the menu button (‘burger’) to open the portal menu and see available entries.

B – Groupings in the menu that can contain dashboards and portfolios.

C – Portfolio ‘Business Applications’ in the grouping ‘Application Portfolio’.

D – Content area showing the selected content, in this case a dashboard.

E – Diagram embedded in a dashboard. These have all the capabilities and features of the UPM·X and ServiceNow dashboards. You can click to those to drill into the data.

Portfolio View

The portfolio view can show information for a specific portfolio in UPM·X and make it available in a hierarchical tree navigation to the users by grouping it by specific fields or relationships. This can be configured by your UPM·X administrator.

A – Search bar to search through content of the hierarchy.

B – Grouping of Business Capabilities, in this case by ‘Business Criticality’.

C – Expanded value of the grouping – in this case the value ‘Vital’ of ‘Business Criticality’.

D – Expanded value in the hierarchy.

E – Expanded Capability ‘Human Resources Management’ with its neighbors.

F – Other grouping based on the relationship to Application.

G – List view showing a configurable list of items of the base class Business Criticality.

H – Related Links, e.g. to start UPM· visualizations from the current selection in the list.

I – Button to minimize the tree view on the left when working with the list/form on the right.

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UPM·X Portal

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